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My boyfriend and I broke up for a short period, because I stopped having sex with him. He begged me to have sex with him, but I didn't want to have premarital sex any longer, especially since he is a Pastor's son. He told me that if I didn't he would go and find someone else. He went back to his ex who is a Pastor's daughter and now that my boyfriend and me are trying to get back to together, she's telling him she is pregnant.

I know my role in how I attracted this situation to myself, but is there anything I can do to make this go away?

I do love my boyfriend and forgive him. I know his ex means nothing to him, he just went where knew he could get it, since she was never over him. I spoke to her and she knows the only reason he slept with her was because I wouldn't, but she thinks the baby can win him now.

He has no intentions of being with her or marrying her, even if our relationship doesn't work. As religious as his parents are, they don't even want him to marry her even if there is a baby involved, which shocked me. They still want him to marry me. Both families are very upset and don't believe this is a joyous occasion.

I try to concentrate on the fact that I want us not to have any outside children out of our marriage. I concentrate on all the good times we had together. He knows if the baby is born and it's his, I wont be with him, since I don't want a relationship with his ex.

Is there anything I can do to make this situation go away? Anything I can do to make the baby not be his or the baby not be born? I don't outright wish a miscarriage on her, but I believe sometimes a miscarriage is away a getting a second chance to do it right with someone who actually cares about you.

I deeply believe this pregnancy is God testing them, since they are both the children of Pastors. You would think they would know better. I just don't think this child is going to be born, too many people against it.

I see the pregnancy now as a punishment, but I don't believe that God intends to make them pay for the rest of their lives for this one mistake. I also don't believe God would grant grandchildren to two Pastors born out of wedlock.

But it's not my will. Everyone is praying for God to intervene, except probably her.

I know I can’t change anyone. But are my thoughts enough to make this situation go away if I want to stay with my boyfriend?


Just Want It to Go Away

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You will often read on this website that the Law of Attraction aligns to your reality, events and circumstances that match your focused thoughts and feelings.

In truth, this is a very simplistic way of explaining how the Law of Attraction works, and as it is quite clear that you have never focused your thoughts and feelings on the reality you have recently experienced, why is it that these unwanted events and circumstances have made their way to your reality?

To understand how an unwanted experience is attracted it would be better to think of the Law of Attraction in the following way…

Our reality is made up of events, circumstances and people, some of which are wanted, and some unwanted. And, depending on the way we react to these things, in terms of thought and emotion, will determine what sort of events, circumstances and people we shall continue to experience.

It may not be a specific thought or emotion that has attracted this specific unwanted reality, but it is the way you have thought and felt about the events unfolding in your reality that has determined the reality you are experiencing.

If it is what we think and feel that creates the reality we experience, it must be the case that by thinking and feeling in a certain way, it would be impossible to change another’s experiences.

In fact, by adjusting out thoughts and feelings to attempt to alter another’s reality, would only serve to alter our own.

In the book of Galatians we are told that, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” And to sow a thought towards another to attempt to change what they will experience, will ultimately alter our experience as a match to the thought sown. And, if that thought was to be a negative thought, so shall you reap the negativity that you sow.

The reality of others is not your domain, and by wishing an unwanted reality for someone, you will actually be wishing it to yourself.

You have obviously seen the benefit of forgiving your boyfriend for the way he has treated you, but you seem unwilling to forgive her, even though she has never set out to hurt you.

You must remember that he left you because the relationship did not meet his expectations, and he turned to his ex because he believed that the expectations he held at that time, could be met by her. She simply fulfilled this expectation.

Does she love your partner?

Does she feel used by him?

Is it possible that she is carrying his child or using this possibility to hold on to someone she loves?

Knowing how you feel about him, can you understand how she must be feeling?

If it is the case that she is pregnant by him, as a father, I can categorically tell you that a child can only ever be a gift, never a punishment.

It is understandable that you wish to create a family together with your boyfriend, and not have the constant reminder, in the way of a child from another woman, of what was not such a perfect time in your relationship together.

But if you truly love your partner, this child, as a part of him, will offer your union so much.

And if you truly forgive him, this situation need never threaten you.

It is your happiness that is important, and to align to happiness you must direct your thoughts and feeling to the things that make you happy.

Yes there may be events, circumstances and people that will try to change the direction of your thoughts and emotions, but as long as you keep them in check, and focus your attention to what is wanted, the things that align to your experience shall be wanted too.

In other words, you must sow in the way of thought and emotion, exactly what it is that you wish to reap.

To help you do this sign up for my Unlock The Power WorkBook.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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