Use The Law of Attraction To Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

I was wondering how can I use the Law of Attraction to overcome Social Anxiety Disorder?

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The trouble with using traditional Law of Attraction methods, to overcome something like Social Anxiety Disorder, is that they tend to promote the presence of the disorder, and often make it worse.

When I say traditional methods, I mean things like affirmations and visualisations.

What I mean by this, is that you are often told to visualise your desires, and in your case it would be visualizing being confident in the presence of others, yet when you go into these social arenas, you notice that you are still fearful of other peoples judgements.

This often has the effect of making you feel more venerable, and has the opposite effect that you were looking for.

So I guess that the best place to start would be to start to come to terms with where you are now, and stop fighting it… As they say, “what you resist, persists.”

I would begin by writing a list of all the positive things going on in your life, and spend some time, each day, contemplating these positive things.

I would also make a ‘won’t it nice’ statement to put on to the back of my positive list, something like, “won’t it be nice when I have complete confidence to walk into any room and enjoy the attention that these people give me.”

Then when I had this feeling of fear about being in the company of others, I would repeat my list of positive qualities, and add on my ‘won’t it be nice’ statement.

So when I felt the negative emotion I would repeat something like this…

“I am so happy that I am……………….., and won’t it be nice when I have complete confidence to walk into any room and enjoy the attention that these people give me.”

I would also strongly suggest that you start to meditate.

I have practised Vipassana Meditation for some time now and I am sure it will help you, take a look at the Website for some great information, you can also read online a book on Vipassana called Mindfulness in Plain English

EFT is another easy to use technique, and can be used to tackle emotional issues, physiological issues, limiting beliefs and health problems.

Here’s a short film from Nick and Jessica Ortner, giving a brief introduction to EFT.

What Is Tapping? with Nick and Jessica Ortner

To learn the EFT Tapping sequence you can download a free eBook by simply filling out your name and email address on the left hand side of the The Tapping Solution Website.

Another great technique is called The Sedona Method.

Like EFT it has some great success stories, especially in tackling emotional issues and physiological issues, but importantly its development was conceived as a health solution tool, and as such has some unbelievable testimonials.

I have posted a video as an introduction to Sedona, which you can watch here.

If you would like some help with this, sign up for my Free Unlock The Power Mini-Course, you’ll discover how to combine your emotions to the things you want, making your most desired experiences manifest quickly.


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