Use The Law of Attraction To Rekindle A Friendship

by Ama
(Sri Lanka)

Even though we met every day at the college, we did not talk, until after six months suddenly we became friends. He acted like he loves me and he has so many qualities which I like.

I first talked to him on his birthday, he was so happy and we started to talk more. He helped me in my studies, gave notes like that, and his friends also started to talk with me.

But suddenly I felt he has changed his mind. When I talk to him he ignored me. When I asked why he says that he was busy or he was at the church like that. However after our final exam we did not meet each other.

One day I sent a message to him, but he did not reply me. I sent the second message asking why?. He has sent a reply saying that he did not take that message seriously and that’s why he did not answer, but after that he blocked my messages.

I want to talk with him. l like him sooo much, always he is in my mind.

How can use law of attraction to make us together again?. Please help me.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

We have to accept that our life experience is going to be a mix of things that we want and things that we don’t want, why? Because if it was only full of the things we wanted, where would our preferences come from?

To read a menu with all the things we want sounds ideal, but unless we tried new flavors, how would we find more exciting things to eat. And this goes for all things. With no cold we would not know hot, and with no dark we would not know light.

The same could be said of people, there will be some you want to be around and others you do not. But I find it hard to understand that there would be just one person for each of us. That’s kind of tough especially if we were never drawn together.

Yes, at times it can feel that without this one persons attention we would be devoid of happiness, but thinking like that has a harsh sting in the tail.

There will be contrast, there will be desirable and undesirable experiences, but it is how we react to this contrast that determines what will make up our future experiences.

Focus on the desirable, the wanted and the pleasing experience, without a thought for what contradicts these things, then you shall align to more desirable experiences. But focus on the undesirable, the unwanted and the displeasing experience, without a thought for what contradicts these things, then in much the same way, you shall align to more undesirable experiences.

But of course, this Law works for all people, so that when you focus on a particular thing, when that thing is manifest, it must match the thoughts and feelings of all who are affected.

In your case, you have experienced a desirable friendship with this person, focused on what you like about this friendship, and as the friendship matched the way you were both thinking, it began to develop.

But for some reason, either that you were trying to take this relationship further than his matching experience, or because his thoughts and feeling changed, this friendship was no longer matching the way he was thinking and feeling, and because of that, he has moved away from this manifestation.

Of course, this makes you feel bad, as the contrast of not having a friendship is going against your thoughts. So much so that you are now caught up in the without of this manifestation, which will inevitably lead you to more withoutness.

I can understand that you think that he makes you happy, but he is not the keeper of your happiness, you are. Yes it made you feel god when you were with him, but that is because, for that time, he was the best match to your feel-good feelings. And if only you had kept on feeling good, regardless of his actions, the next, best matching person would have aligned to you best happy reality.

All you must do is attend to the way you think and feel. In fact, you have no choice as you have no power over anything but that. You cannot manipulate the situations and people in your experiences so that they fit your desires, because to do that you, must give what you don’t like about these situations and people your attention, thus recreating what you don’t like.

Your power is your thought, think and feel good today, regardless of what contrasts you have experienced, then your tomorrows shall be the best of everything. Think and feel of what is missing, wrong and unhappy will simple align you to without, regret and misery.

Enjoy what this past relationship gave you, think and feel the happiness you deserve, and everything shall be perfect.

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I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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