Using The Law of Attraction In Relationships

I have signed up for your Unlock The Power QuickStart free program and am on day three. I am enjoying it so far and hope to have success.

I think your work is great.

However I am unclear on the part you mentioned below re; attracting a relationship with a specific person.

"Many people fail to grasp this, particularly when they are trying to use the Law of Attraction to bring love to their lives. I get countless emails from people trying to attract a relationship with a specific person, which is not the way the Law of Attraction works.

A rule of thumb would be, do not set goals that affect other people's free will.”

In a nutshell to explain, I am in a relationship with a "specific" person and we are going through financial difficulties, which is placing stress on our relationship. Recently, I have had to relocate to my family's country, live with my parents for now until the finances become better. Which of course places more stress on a relationship.

So I am trying to be positive every day and visualize an amazing outcome and life.

With my visualization.. I dream of him sorting out these financial issues with business, coming over to get me and us then living our dream, getting married, lots of money, having children, homes, holidays, yachts etc etc. I am basically waiting on him to get a huge win fall.

My Mind Movie consists of an amazing life and it has him in it as my husband and father of our children and travelling together etc. I also dream of him being more loving and caring towards me, because for the moment he is very stressed, so the relationship is somewhat strained.

My question to you whether this is wrong or is it ok to visualize a specific person in my dreams considering that I am in a relationship and we have been waiting on this win fall for a long time??

Would truly appreciate your guidance with this.

Looking forward to your response.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

If you were not in a relationship and you wished to change this reality, then you would need to focus your thoughts and feeling on the thoughts and feelings that you would have, if you were in a relationship.

And as the Law of Attraction aligns to our experiences a match to our focused thoughts and feelings, you would align yourself to be in a relationship.

But if you were not in a relationship and you wished to be with a specific person, then not only would you need to focus your thoughts and feeling on the thoughts and feelings that you would have, if you were in a relationship, but so would they.

This is because, not only does the Law of Attraction align to our experiences a match to our focused thoughts and feelings, it also aligns an experience to the specific person we wanted a relationship with, and unless the reality of a relationship together was a reality that matched both of your focused thoughts and feelings, this could never happen.

But, in reading your question, you are not actually trying to manifest a relationship with a specific person. That has already happened. What you are trying to do is manifest an improved relationship with this person, as well as a more prosperous future together.

If you are trying to improve an experience you are already having, this is how I would suggest going about it.

Never talk about, complain about and be angry about any reality you have.

Switch your attention from the things unwanted in your life, to the things wanted.

Talk about, be grateful for and feel happy about, all the good things in your experience.

Focusing on the things you would never change about your life, instead of the things you would.

One of the problems that many people have, when they are trying to apply the Law of Attraction from an experience which is largely unwanted, is that they try to change their reality from a position of want or need, particularly when they feel that if they have something, their life will dramatically change.

This will always be difficult because as we have already discussed, the Law of Attraction aligns to our experiences a match to our focused thoughts and feelings, and if we focus our thoughts and feelings on want and need, we only align ourselves to a new reality with more want and need.

I would suggest that you switch your attention away from what is in your life that is unwanted, and find and focus upon the things in your now current reality that are wanted.

List the, ‘The Things I Like Best About Your Life’, your relationships, your job, your free time, and any part of your life that you are happy with.

Keep these things close to your mind, and when you witness things you do not like, give them no attention, no energy, and no power.

Focus on what is best for you now, and as you include this focus on what is best, you include these best things in your vibration. And as you vibrate the best of what you have, the best of what you desire shall become your new and exciting experience.

Cut your dislikes off at the source, and allow your likes to grow and flourish.

Take a look at my 30-Days To Raise Your Vibration WorkBook, it teaches you to think of your current reality in a new and positive way. It helps you change your focus from what you have that is unwanted, to what you have that is wanted, and in doing do, you align yourself to more ‘wanted’ experiences.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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