Using The Law of Attraction To Attract My Dream Girl

by Akash

I saw a girl at some place and I feel something magical towards her, a kind of divine attraction, but I couldn't speak to her. Then I forget her I never thought of her again. But after 6 months I saw her again and I felt the same way as before, an even stronger feeling than ever before.

I think that it was love at first site. I looked at her for 3 days, but I did not have the courage to talk to her.

On the third day I plucked up the courage and I asked her name. But she didn't say anything because that was the wrong time to ask I guess. But I know she was giving a response to me. But now I don’t know her name and I find I cant live without her.

Now it’s nearly one and half years on and I am trying to visualise her but I cant do that. I can’t visualise her face every time. It comes like flash and vanished. I really want this girl. I am trying my level best to search for her.

I want this girl .plzzzzzzz tell me how the Law of Attraction will help me out, and how I should use it?

Thank you.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction is all about thought and feeling. It aligns our experiences based on our focused thoughts and feelings, the thoughts we think most, and the feelings we feel most.

This does not mean that every conscious thought is brought to our reality, nor does it mean that if we think about someone or something a lot, it becomes our reality. It is far more subtle than that.

For instance, you think about this girl a lot, but what are the thoughts and feelings that are predominant.

You think about being with her, but your predominant emotions are being without her, and your predominant thoughts are of needing or wanting her.

As the Law of Attraction aligns our reality to fit these predominant thoughts and feelings, you experience a reality that causes you to feel more without her, and think more need and want.

It is through the Law of Attraction that your focused thoughts and feelings are becoming your reality. More without, and more need.

The only way to get the Law of Attraction to work for you, is to align your thoughts and feelings to match your desires, as if they existed now.

So how would it feel to be with her?

What would you think, when you are with her?

But then you run in to a completely different problem.

As I said, the Law of Attraction aligns your experiences based on your focused thoughts and feelings, the thoughts you think most, and the feelings you feel most.

But this is not your Law. It isn’t something that works for you because you know about it, and not for others, because they don’t.

This is Law, and as a Law implies, it works for all people, at all times, whether they are aware of it or not.

The Law of Attraction aligns this girl’s experiences based on her focused thoughts and feelings, the thoughts she thinks most, and the feelings she feels most.

Therefore, if you focused on the thoughts and feeling that matched having an experience with this girl now, and she focused on a different reality, you cannot be aligned through Law.

The question here isn’t really how you get this specific girl, it is how do you experience a reality with the perfect girl.

Well to do that you have to first imagine the perfect relationship. Then you imagine the thoughts and feelings of the perfect relationship. And then you live your life thinking and feeling as if this perfect relationship existed now.

It is when you vibrationaly align to your desires, or when you match your thoughts and emotions to your desires, that the Law of Attraction aligns your reality to them.

You cannot manifest in another’s reality, but you can adjust your thoughts and feelings to match any reality you desire, and as you think and feel the best for you, the best for you, shall become your experience.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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