Using The Law of Attraction To Change A Partners Attitude

by S.S

I am a 19 yr old girl, I got my boyfriend about 5 months back, he is really the one I wanted him to be - he is loyal, understanding, rich, intelligent and cares for me. Things were going on amazing in the beginning but now things are not the same.

Some how I feel that there is a lack of romance in our relationship. So is it because, “I didn’t included the romance thing while thinking about what my soul mate would be?”

He is not that romantic and attentive towards me, but he loves and cares for me a lot...please please help me... Can I change his attitude towards me and make him more romantic and attentive towards me ?

Is it possible to change someone’s attitude towards you like this?

Actually I also feel that he is not that romantic as a few of my friends boyfriends are, that even might be because I am his first girlfriend, and he is not acquainted to these things. For example I want him to say, “I love you, I miss you and I am really lucky to have you in my life.” I even want him to give me first priority in whatever he does... These things he used to say me before but now he has stopped it.

And the worst part is that sometimes I do get surrounded by a negative feeling of breaking up with him (and this is because of the overconfidence of getting another guy, who is better that him through the Law of Attraction), and that's really bad... I know, but sometimes when you feel disappointed you do get such negative feelings.

But the real fact is, I want to see those changes in him, that I want in my perfect guy, I don’t want our relationship to end.

So I am really confused about what to do, if I use the Law of Attraction will he become even more romantic? And is it possible to see totally new things in him that he has never done before for me?

Please help... I am waiting for your reply..

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Before I start, please do not end this relationship to try to attract a ‘better match’ using the Law of Attraction. Believe me, your experience will be much the same.

Why do I say this?

Because we are the creators of our own reality, what we think and what we feel, causes us to experience what we have. In other words, what we hold on to on our inside is created on our outside, and so if we have an experience, which we don’t like, or we don’t want, there must be something inside us that brought this experience.

So when you leave and try to recreate a ‘newer’ and ‘better’ experience, the very thing that caused your unwanted experience goes with you. But even worse, because you have noticed what you don’t want, and you carry this unwanted reality into your next relationship, the chances are that you will not only recreate your lack of romance now, you will create a bigger version of it.

If you desire an improved relationship, I would suggest that you gravitate to the very best of the relationships that you have now, and as you start to align with the wanted parts of these relationships, the Law of Attraction would respond by lining you up with these wanted things, that you’re aligned with.

What I mean here is that, by giving your attention, your focus, and your energy to the ‘wanted’ parts of your relationships, and by ignoring the ‘unwanted’ parts of them, you will aligning your vibration to your ‘wanted’ experience, and thus, you shall make more of this experience your reality.

To improve or grow, even to maintain any relationship, you must spend some time concentrating on, “the things I like most about….” And never spend a moment contemplating the things you don’t like.

Make, “the things I like most about….” Your predominate focus, making the best of what you see, a part of your vibration. And then these things you like most about all your relationships, shall become the things you like most about you new reality.

Align to the best of him, and if he is a match to your vibration, you will see the best of him, and from the best times, the best experiences and the best reality, anything can happen.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Aug 04, 2016
i Focus in her good trait but she doesnt
by: Anonymous

Hi i have a question regarding your article, i had a crush on someone. I really like her attitude of being joyful, happy person. But she has this attitude of drinking alcohol and going around with her peers at night which i dont like. I always focus on her good traits. And focus that i can change her attitude in alcohol to be a good woman. But everytime i focus in her good trait, she always question me why i like her even she is alcoholic. Thats when i explain i like her because of his good attitude and want to see her changed few years from now. I want to help her change. Am i doing right or not?

Aug 25, 2017
What to do? NEW
by: Anonymous

My mate is a female an she talks to me in a manly way an I keep telling her to stop doing that she also blames me for the way she acts an I don't like paying bills we have a problem how can I fix this?we complain about are bills

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