Using The Law of Attraction To Find If It Is Over

by Aimee
(Pittsburgh PA, USA)

We were high school sweethearts, went our separate ways, and are happy with our lives and our current partners. There will always be a bond between us. We re-connect briefly via FaceBook or email every few years, and it is always apparent that the bond is still there.

Then we let it go and go back to our lives. There is always a nagging feeling that this relationship is never going to be over. How can I use the Law of Attraction to try to find out if it is over, or never going to be over and if we will ever make it back to each other?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

For as long as you keep reconnecting and rekindling these thoughts, it will never go away. But what are the thought that you are rekindling?

These are the thoughts about a passed time, a passed connection, which although has a special bond from the past, does not have a special bond today.

Why do I say that it does not have a special bond today?

Because the feeling you are getting are based on a time passed, and may or may not be relevant in a full-blown relationship today.

The Law of Attraction will give you your experiences based on your thoughts, your focus and your feelings, and to apply this Law, I would encourage you to adjust your thoughts, your focus and
your feelings to the things you desire.

Therefore, to be able to adjust this behaviour you need to, at first, decide what it is you desire.

Do you wish to let these old feeling go, and truly get back to your life as it is now?

Or do you wish to move from the relationship you are in now, and pursue a possible relationship with this person?

Once you have answered this question, it would be possible to tell you what to do.

If you are in a relationship at the moment and you are feeling happy and harmonious, if you are in love, and you are enjoying the moment. If the relationship you have now allows you to grow, then I encourage you to focus on the good feeling, the good parts, and the happy parts of that relationship, and through this focus, these feeling, and these thoughts, the Law of Attraction will bring more of these good things to you.

If what you have now, is truly what you want, then let go of this previous relationship now, don’t think about it, don’t feel about it and don’t focus on it, and it will go. You see, it is your thought, your feelings, and your focus, that is keeping this bond alive.


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