Using The Law of Attraction To Get My Friend Back

by Daku

I fell in love with this guy four years ago, we dated and had a relationship... but then both of us, god knows for whatever reason, decided it may not work. We had our fights, he didn’t like my possessiveness and I often caught his lies.. and the biggest blow came to me when he was dating a girl, but never told me, and when he did, he lied about her name etc..

Anyways, he moved away but kept in touch till I figured out who he had betrayed me with.. we stopped contact.. but I always prayed for him to be back.

He did come back after a brief separation and said sorry and how it didn’t work with the girl,

Through the next year his ex tried getting him back but he said he hated her, and they had no contact. But well, he didn’t feel the thing for me either, though we did try giving the relationship a shot, he called it off, and all along he said he wasn’t in touch with his ex, he had promised me that

I started practising the Law of Attraction and being calm, and worked on myself. To my horror I discovered that his ex was very much back in the picture and he had been seeing her again.

I was devastated, and I abused and cursed him... and today we are not on talking terms, since he hates me for the abuses and curses, and I am angry about the lies..

But I still miss him and do want my friend back, not that he has been a very reliable and honest friend, but I, despite my jealousies and possessives, have stood by him forgiving him.

I just can’t accept this woman in his life who is all wrong, but I want my friend back, I love him too much to loose him.

My only wish is that this girl should zag because she is no good, and that if I could take back the abuses and curses I sent his way.

I miss him loads.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

When it comes to relationships and the Law of Attraction, you are always better off if you focus your thoughts and feelings on the best of what each of your relationships have to offer.

The reason for many failed relationships is that people, especially after the initial excitement, tend to focus on what they don’t like about their partners, in an attempt to change it.

How often do you hear people exclaim that if only their husband did more, or if only their wife nagged less, how perfect their marriage would be?

What many people fail to realize is that this obsessing about change, actually enforces the unwanted behaviour. That the more attention, focus and energy is given to the unwanted, the more the unwanted grows.

This goes for all relationships, all situations and all realities. Give the unwanted attention, and the unwanted grows.

When in debt, people focus on debt, and more debt grows. When in bad health, people focus on bad health, and more bad health grows. And, as you have experienced, when in a relationship, focus on the unwanted parts of that relationship, and the more unwanted parts of that relationship grows.

You have experienced this first hand as your focus in the beginning of this relationship of being possessive, manifested something to be possessive about.

In fact, this can be true of all our experiences, that is, what we focus on, or what are predominant thoughts and feelings are, tends to turn up in our future reality, to keep us feeling and focusing in the same way.

The danger you face here, is that unless you address your destructive thought, you are aligning yourself up for more and more bad experiences.

You need to address your thoughts and feelings.

If you focus your thoughts and feelings on possessiveness, you will align yourself with more situations and circumstances to feel possessive.

If you focus your thoughts and feelings on jealousy, you will align yourself with more situations and circumstances to feel jealous.

If you focus your thoughts and feelings on missing him, you will align yourself with more situations and circumstances to miss.

This even goes down to the woman in his life, the more you want her to zag, the more she shall zig into your reality.

Find and focus on the best things in your life, and do as much as you can to control the thoughts you have about him, that seem so out of control.

When it comes to other people, find and focus on the best of them to, and the more of the good stuff you focus on, the more good stuff you shall have.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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