Using The Law of Attraction To Go To A Particular University

by Aishwarya

I am already studying at college but I want to get admission into a particular university, which has a course I really want to join.

It has interactive media. I want to do this in Australia. I’m an international student.

How do I use the Law of Attraction to get admission? And how do I attract the money to pay for it?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Can you imagine opening your letter of acceptance to this University?

Can you imagine the finance being laid before you?

Can you imagine studying in this University?

Can you imagine your life spent in joy living in this new country?

If you can imagine all this? Then keep imagining it, keep living it in mind, hold on to your dream, never doubt it, never question it, never ask how, never ask when, just live it in mind in as much detail as you can.

Live it as if you were there now.

It is these thoughts of today that create our tomorrows, and as much as it is a certainty in your mind today, it will be a certainty in your reality tomorrow.

How it will happen is not your domain, that is left to a force that knows a way.

Question that force and you’ll produce more circumstances to question, doubt that force and you’ll produce more circumstances to doubt, believe in that force, and you’ll have more circumstances to make you believe.

What is your emotion not knowing how it will happen, or not being sure that it ever will?

What would your emotion be if your dreams were to come a reality?

The Law of Attraction gives you what you feel. Stay not thinking it will happen, and that shall be your experience. Start believing it will, looking forward to it happening, and that shall be your experience.

Read this book called The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, it’s a new book by Abraham-Hicks, and shows you how to get in line with the things you are desiring.

Look at this page to learn more about Abraham=Hicks, and the Teachings of Abraham.

This ‘getting in line’, is what I call letting go, and if you sign up for my Free Unlock The Power Mini-Course, you’ll discover how to combine your emotions to the things you want, making your most desired experiences manifest quickly, you'll also discover how to let go.


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LOA not working for me............................
by: shirngurl

Hai..I am yamunaa from Malaysia.I am new to law of attraction.I had followed online class I started using law of attraction.I use LOA to get particular university..Everyday after I meditate I will visualize opening my letter of acceptance to this university, How happy I was during that time,I imagine studying in that particular university and having wonder full friends and I really enjoy studying there.I even visualize I am become a top student at the university and went to the hall to get my cert.When I visualize all this, tears of joyness coming out from my eyes.And I really like the feeling of imagination..I even did vision board and make it as my screen saver at my laptop and hand phone. I am visualized this nearly 4 months.
The result of the university released yesterday..I did not get the university..the result are diffrent from what i imagined.I fail to enter to the univesity..i really feel so bad about it..i appeal for the university and the result will be out next month..til now i cant accept the fact i wont be studying at my favourite university..So now i wonder did this LOA really work for everyone??i seriously feel bad about the rsult..i even plan to sucide after see the result;(((

by: Anonymous

Oh you should definitely not plan on suicide if you don't get into your university! I believe the law of attraction works, I've had my fair share of experiences... But more than that I believe that where there's a will there's a way. I feel like the law of attraction and that mentality go hand in hand. If you want something bad enough, no matter what it is, there is definitely a way you can achieve it... For example, talking to the admissions of the university. Don't take no for an answer. If someone sees how determined you are, it will make you stand out among the rest. And then maybe, after only accepting yes as your answer, you will see that the law of attraction brought you to where you want to be. Regardless, if you don't get into that university... You will definitely end up where you are supposed to be in the end. Life has twists and turns and things don't go as expected, but just enjoy the ride and make the best of the university you do end up at!

by: lifehack

The ones who study well always get in to uni. always! Its a matter of hard work. If you visualize allday long doing nothing your university dream will only stay inside your visualization. plus its not fair for the universe to give the same result to the student who only visualizes and to the students who study well. Dont be stupid! Get up! Set goals! Study well! Work Hard! Be motivated! Believe in yourself! Believe that you can! Hard work will always be paid off! Always! And if you didnt get the results you wanted, You wont die! REPEAT! Thats how we should live! Be a legend!

To lifehack NEW
by: Anonymous

Your probably wrote that with good intentions but that us no way to talk to a suicidal person, you have no idea what she is going through. I,on the other hand, have been through the same exact thing.... This might be her escape from an abusive home.
PS.THE WORLD ISNT FAIR! It is a shame...but it is true. Everyone must do what they can to succeed...hard work doesn't always guarantee success lol....look at the American admission process....
Rich kids first....poor kids last.

To the darling in pain, i understand....the more you need something, the harder it is to jeep your focus off the need to detach from your need...

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