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by Faith

I was terminated from work just right before Christmas last year. It was not my fault. I told my superiors the truth regarding the money that was not handed to me by my Manager, but as per the Management, I should be terminated.

I had a 1 year old baby to support. My husband is also working however I would also like to earn an income to help him with our needs. Having such kind of experience made me realized that I actually do not need a lot... I only need enough money to support my family.

My ultimate dream was for us to be together since he is working abroad. I may not be lucky right now because of what had happened, I am still struggling to accept the fact that I am already out of my comfort zone for the past 7 years. I understand that it is about time for me to stay and be with my son.

How will I be able to have enough to move on and have a life that we dreamed of?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

We are brought up with the idea that to succeed in life we must firstly succeed in education, then we must succeed in job interviews, then, regardless of the fact we hate our jobs, we must succeed at work, so that we may buy the right house, fill it with the right things and drive the right car, so that are colleagues, friends and family can call us successful.

Does this represent happiness?

In a book called The Attractor Factor, Joe Vitale tells us about a study of 1,500 people who were either members of Group A, who were picking a career to make money so they could enjoy life later, or they were in Group B, picking a career that they enjoyed and felt passionate about, trusting that the money would come.

Of the 1,500, Group A was chosen 1,250 people and Group B chosen by only 245..

20 years later there were 101 millionaires. 1 coming from Group A and 100 from Group B.

So what is success?

Success is not a measure of what we have or don’t have, success is simply setting out to do something, and doing it to the best ability you can.

Yes we pay sports stars and movie stars an extortionate amount of money, but is that a measure success? Can’t you be a successful nurturing mother, a successful inspirational teacher or a successful caring nurse?

But of course, I could be successful in a particular field and still lack funds, and if I lacked funds could this make me unhappy.

Logically thinking, most people will say that are bank balance has to be representative of our earnings, and as such they come to the conclusion that to increase the balance we must earn more.

Again, logically thinking, most people will say that our things must be representative of our earnings, and with such thinking come to the conclusion that to have more we must earn more.

Once again, logically thinking, we would have to assume that if we had enough money and all the things we desire, we must be happy.

Therefore, to be happy we must earn more, and to earn more we must work harder and longer.

The quandary is this… Does working so hard and so long make us happy? Especially when we have no time to enjoy our things?

All to often people ask me questions about how to attract the things they want, as they know that if they had those things they could be happy, contented and secure.

If they had a relationship with a lovable and caring partner their reality would change from loneliness to companionship, or if they had the better-paid job their reality would change from worry to security, but why is it that these things are so difficult to attract?

To understand that, we have to understand the nature of thought.

Thought creates experience, and depending on what we predominantly think, we attract events and circumstance to help us to keep our thoughts.

If we think about our reality and notice and think about the things we lack, we attract events and circumstance to help us to continue to lack.

So how can we attract the things we need in order for us to be happy, when the reason for us experiencing the lack of these things, is are unhappy thoughts about not having them?

The lack of a lovable and caring partner would be caused be our thoughts of loneliness, and for as long as we thought and felt lonely, we will continue to attract the matching lonely circumstances.

In much the same way, the lack of the well-paid job would be caused by our worry about money, and for as long as we thought and felt worrisome, we will continue to attract the matching worrisome circumstances.

The remedy for any lack will never be found in action on our experiences, as no matter how much you chase the money, if you think in a way that you need money, you shall continue to chase it and need it.

The remedy for lack must be a change of mind.

My advice would be to get happy now. Spend some time thinking about and feeling about your current situation and list the things that make you happy. Focus on this list every day, and when you think a thought that contradicts this list, refocus your mind to what you have now that makes you happy.

This will help you to become happy and contented with where you are, so that the Law of Attraction can align you with more things that help you to stay happy and contented.

I know this sounds simplistic, but if you cannot look at your current circumstances with thoughts and feelings of contentness, you will not start to move towards the things you desire.

The answer is actualy in your name, be happy and have faith.

My 30-Day Unlock The Power WorkBook will help you to do this.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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