Using The Law of Attraction To Increase Business

by Pradeep

I am part of a network marketing (direct selling) business. I am in the business of insurance, as well as other products (Nutrition and wellness). I have been in this business for about a year. I came to understand, after watching the film The Secret, why I haven’t been very successful.

My goal is create a 1,000,000 rupees monthly turnover from insurance, and 1,000,000 rupees monthly turnover from other products.

How do I apply the Law of Attraction to make it happen?

Please help. Thanku

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

A simplistic formula for applying the Law of Attraction would be this;
Ask – Believe – Receive

However, unless you understand each step, this is quite difficult to put into practise.

One of the greatest Law of Attraction teachers, Charles Haanel, put these steps into the following passage, in the opening lesson of is famous book The Master Key System.

“Would you bring into your life more power, get the power consciousness, more health, get the health consciousness, more happiness, get the happiness consciousness.

Live the spirit of these things until they become yours by right. It will then become impossible to keep them from you.

The things of the world are fluid to a power within man by which he rules them.”

So let us look at each step, and uncover how to apply the Law of Attraction to reach your desires.

To Ask

You cannot fail to Ask, as what you are vibrating and feeling, is what you are asking for.

This is why Law of Attraction teachers tell you to visualize your desires, and to incorporate feelings and emotions into your visualizations.

It is these feelings and emotions that make up your vibration, and it is your vibration that you use to ask.

This is what Hannel means by “Living in The Spirit of a Thing.” What he is saying is that we must act as if we had already achieved our desires, we must have the vibration of ‘having it now.’

So if you have a specific monetary goal, get into the feeling of already reaching that goal, how will you feel, what will your desire look like, and what would your vibration be when you have your desire.

To Believe.

Believing is an important step as it means having the faith and belief that what you ask for shall, without any doubt, become your experience.

It means letting go and trusting that you shall receive exactly what you ask for.

If you are wondering when, where and how your goals shall be manifested, this is a sure sign that you are not believing and that you are no longer living in the spirit of your desire.

Also emotions like fear, worry and frustration are signs that you are not truly letting go, even worse, they are offering vibrations of want, or without, thus asking for these things not to be manifested.

Abraham-Hicks describe this as being in The Vortex, and their book, The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, is well worth reading.

To Receive.

Receiving sounds simple enough doesn’t it? After all what could be more simple than claiming possession of the things you have been wanting.

But receiving is more than claiming possession, it is about taking action, it means moving towards your goals taking the steps that through intuition, seem like the perfect steps to take.

If you are Asking and Believing successfully, then Receiving will not be a difficult step to master, however, if you are having trouble taking the first two steps, then the action you think is right, could be taking you further away from your goals.

You may find Brown Landone’s book, How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality, helpful, in this book Landone explains how businesses were turned around, careers advanced and finances increases through the process of Idealization.

You can download a copy of How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality, at the Law-of-Attraction-Guide’s eBook Library. You’ll also find a copy of Napoleon Hill’s world famous book Think and Grow Rich, which will definitely be worth reading.

Even if you are mastering these steps to apply the Law of Attraction, there could be a number of other issues that could be holding things up for you.

One reason that you will fail to apply the Law of Attraction, especially while using all the right techniques, is that they have some Limiting Beliefs about yourself.

Limiting Beliefs are what I call the Law of Attraction Blockers, and will usually manifest themselves in emotions like Fear, Worry, Insecurity, Frustration, Disappointment, Anger, Sadness or any other Negative Emotion you care to express.

You see if you spend an hour a day visualizing your financial desires, and spent the rest of your waking moments in Fear or Worry about Debt, Bills and Lack, what is your Focus?

No method of applying the Law of Attraction to manifest financial freedom will work, until you have removed the Fear and Worry.

If you would like some help identifying and removing your limiting beliefs, Sign Up To My Free QuickStart Law of Attraction Training Program, you’ll also discover how to combine your emotions to the things you want, making your most desired experiences manifest quickly.


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