Using The Law of Attraction To Manifest A Marriage

I’ m in love with my boss's son. I want to get married to him and for this, I have made a list of things which are related to him, like their company's name, exact names of his family and relatives, exact profession of them, his physical features etc. I also mentioned how our relationship will be.

Can I manifest marriage if I become totally detached from the outcome?

If it is possible, please tell me what can I do asap.

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You can manifest any experience you wish by simply matching the experience in thought and feeling, and letting go of how, when, and where it would happen.

But you can never ever manifest the source of that experience.

You can manifest riches, but not the source of riches and you can manifest love, but not the source of love.

The Law of Attraction will align you to the things that match the way you think and feel, and as this is a Law, it works at all times and for all people. What we all think and feel is the source of our experiences, as each one of us is brought to the experiences that help us to continue our way of thinking.

Can you manifest a marriage?

Of course, and you would do that by thinking and feeling in a way that matched being married. But that does not mean that your boss’s son will be the source of that marriage, unless that is, that a marriage with you was the best way for an experience to match what he was thinking and feeling.

When people first hear of the Law of Attraction they will often believe that they could manifest specific people in and out of their reality, but what they find is that in an attempt to achieve a certain outcome, with a certain person, they often attract the very opposite of what they desire.

For example, if there was someone in your experience who you did not want to share time with, you may be tempted to focus on this person leaving your reality. But as you thought and felt about this persons unwanted presence, you would actually be including them in you thoughts and feelings, which would then align you to more experiences that included them.

Similarly, by focusing on being with someone you were without, your thoughts and feelings would be of lacking this experience, and as the Law of Attraction aligns you to a reality that matches how you think and feel, you must align to a reality that is without him.

I promise you that you do not want to live in a world in which you could manifest an experience for another, as much as it seems that you would. If we could think an experience to exist for another we would live in a world of chaos.

Could you imagine successfully manifesting a marriage with a certain person, only to find out that someone else had successfully manifested a marriage with you?

Yes you can experience a happy marriage, but you have to allow the best match to that happy marriage to align to you.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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Apr 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

I m in love with my boss's son. I recently applied law of attraction to manifest a relation with him. I changed my imagination and visualised that he is very comfortable with me. we often talk a lot and he is attracted to me. I really started believing after 2-3 days and I manifested his behavior exactly what I imagined. he is now more comfortable with me and he often talk to me more than before. even some employees are talking that he may like me. is he my vibrational match?

Today I came to know that his mom & dad want his wife to be from rich high status family only. his mom is very strict. I m from a middle class family. Still I want to marry him. I’m feeling depressed now. pls someone tell me how can I manifest marriage with him.

If he is a vibrational match then will his parent's thoughts will stop marriage from being manifested? or I should focus on him only?

Apr 26, 2014
Choose Happiness
by: John Peace

It doesn’t matter how you ask, the answer is always the same. You cannot manifest in another’s reality, and you cannot align to a specific person unless that alignment is a match to the cooperating parts of everything involved.

Focus your thoughts and feelings towards what is happy for you, and imagine being in a wonderful happy relationship, and as you do, the matching person to share that relationship shall align to you.

As my answer explains, when you focus on someone or something you do not have, it is easy to think and feel the lack of what it is you want, and as you do, align to an experience that lacks your desires.

You are focusing on him, realising that his reality is in his control, not yours, (admittedly he allows his parents to influence his thoughts), and as you feel the lack of what you are focusing on, you are feeling depressed, which will only align you to experiences that help you to feel more depressed.

To change your experience, change your thoughts, and if you begin to choose happiness within, you shall align to happiness with out.

Feb 18, 2018
Relax and trust NEW
by: Attractor

7 months ago I WS in a relationship we're I WS the only one loving,thn I started using the law of attraction to fix my relationship, bt thn most of the article I WS reading said I shud first love myself,I fell so deep in love wit myself, bt the greatest thing happened,tht relationship ended and I met a great guy who loves me and shwower me with love,I thnk God and fr coming across the law of attraction, this days I manifest my desires almost everday, money,clients,a great life, so just trust yo higher power,and try to b consistently happy and in love wit yo self dont b desperate trust ,and ul b married to the right man,

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