Using The Law of Attraction To Mend A Broken Heart

by Hobbit

How do I undo this tangled web, and mend this broken heart? I am in a fairly complex situation and I am deeply hurt.

History: I work in an office, where someone I loved from my previous office works. I confessed a decade ago, things went astray and I joined only once I got to know he was to finally get married. Ten years ago, I had also without any intention done something nasty, and asked for forgiveness from his girlfriend immediately. Not him, I didn't have the courage. This is something everyone in my new office seemed to know, and make snide comments about. As a result, I have been more introverted than I normally am and not been able to give the best at work, which I am passionate about.

For all the years, I never thought I would find anyone like him. Slowly, very slowly, it all faded away.

New problem: A new bloke joined work about three years ago. Didn't notice at first. Not a looker, but cute in his own way. Reticent. Someone I thought I'd like to spend time with and get to know. I don't know, either people noticed/felt a good exchange of energy between us and could not handle it or I don't know what. One after the other, a lot of people started poking in their nose into whether we were or not seeing each other, and we would be good together etc. Including the past who although has moved to another country, seems fairly interested in my life.

This started two years ago, things started getting very awry, the new person - let's name him A for this conversation/story makes it impossible for me to have a conversation with him. Simultaneously, he mentioned to another colleague friend that he likes me. Another colleague/friend is involved "trying to get us to talk". Let's name her X for this conversation. After months of agony, I tell A I think I like him. Two days later he tells me he doesn't feel like-wise. I tell him I have lost a lot of friends, and hope that we can remain friends.

I remain friendly with A, as friendly as I possibly can given the situation. So does he. I hope we can maintain the friendship, and the awkwardness can go away. I am very open with X about all this, who is married, and in love with her husband, although open to multiple relationships among other things. Over time, I realize how possessive X is about A. She has had serious fights with me when for instance I smile at A, because she knows "that he does not respect me at all, and that I need to move on". In the meanwhile, she wants to travel with him alone. I realize, I think that she is obsessed with him and the worst thing I could have done is to trust X with any of my feelings toward A.

I felt insulted in their company over each lunch, X bitched about his close woman friend to me, and now licks her arse. All this made me think what stories and lies she may have told A, to keep us apart. She has on occasion mentioned that she knew I wanted to marry him and that I would even change myself for him, which is not something I have ever said let alone imagined. Remember, I liked someone after a long time, and wanted the chance to know him, that's all.

All the malice, and manipulation by X, which continues, has left me in a situation where I am not talking to anyone. She seems to have convinced people that I am not talking to her because she continues to maintain friendship with A even though she knows what is going on between us, and that she is brazen about it. Friendship is an understatement. It's evident she is obsessed to say the least. As a result, no one else is talking to me either.

This is a work place, I am not doing well, and everything seems to be going south, and it's taking a toll on me. I have been introduced to the LOA recently and have been working on it since mid-December. I am working a lot on myself. I can't make people be honest and say the truth, and for others to accept my point of view. I have been trying very hard to put my faith in the universe, but I want so badly for all this to heal, and at least for A and I to be good friends.

Please help

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You are right, you can’t make people honest or say the truth, but for as much as you notice that they lack qualities of honesty, and have the ability to lie, you align yourself to that experience.

The Law of Attraction will always align you to people and circumstances that help you to hold your thoughts and emotions.

If you feel isolated and alone, the Law of Attraction will align you to people and circumstances that help you to feel isolated and alone.

If you believe you are lied to and betrayed, the Law of Attraction will align you to people and circumstances that help you to believe you are lied to and betrayed.

Whatever you think and feel, you shall experience, whether it is wanted or unwanted.

Many people will dispute the existence of this Law because they cannot understand that if they experience an unwanted reality, they must have attracted it through thought. After all, who thinks about wanting the unwanted? What they fail to understand that it is not the thoughts about what they want or don’t want that attracts the experiences, it is the way they tend to think that is the attractive power.

People who face a reality of debt, tend to think about debt, thus attracting more debt, if only they realized that if they just stopped thinking those lacking thoughts, that lacking experience would leave them.

Yes you may try to change the people, their attitudes, their beliefs and your environment, but unless you change what you are attracting, the people will stay changeless, their attitudes will become fixed, their beliefs will become founded and your environment will continue to fill with people just like them.

You work does not start with your story, it starts with a change of mind, and the sooner you change the things you think, feel and believe about these people, the sooner they will show what can change.

Write a list of all the best parts of the people you associate with. What is the best of X, the best of A, the best of your work environment and the best of all the people you associate with there?

Each day, spend some time focusing on these things, and if during your day X, or A or anyone else, offers you something that displeases you, switch to focus on the parts of them you do like.

Many Law of Attraction teachers will tell you to focus on what you want, which can work, but when your reality misses what you want, you are really focusing on what you do not have, and could be realigning to that do not have reality.

By only including the best parts of what you see, in your thoughts, you only align to the best of what is.

If you wish to follow a step-by-step program to help you raise your vibration, download my 30-Day Unlock The Power WorkBook .

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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