Using The Law of Attraction To Mend A Relationship

by Cic

I loved one teacher so much, but some how she stopped talking to me. I asked her if anything was wrong and she told me no. Yet she towards me. What should I do, we were friends?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction brings to you circumstances and experiences based upon your focused thoughts and feelings.

You can use the Law of Attraction to bring you a certain experience, but you cannot choose how that experience will be brought to you.

In other words, you can use the Law of Attraction to attract the experience of companionship, romance and love, but you cannot specify the person that will give you these feelings.

Why does it work this way?

Because the Law applies to all of us, and if you are trying to attract a specific person then, unless their focus happened to be the same as yours, it would be impossible for you both to experience the same result, based on different focuses.

In short, you cannot change the way someone thinks, feels or experiences by using the Law of Attraction.

If you wish to attract the experience of companionship, romance and love, then you need to be non-specific about where that experience will come from. If you try to gain this experience from a specific person then you will undoubtedly start noticing their non-compliance, you will notice that you are without their companionship, without their romance and without their love. And when this happens you focused thoughts will be ones of lack of companionship, lack of romance and lack of love, thus attracting more of these experiences.

With that said, I would encourage you to think of anyone you are associated with in a positive manner. It would be a good idea to list all the things you like about your friends, and spend some time in focused thought about these positive aspects, and how good they make you feel.

When someone does something you do not like, it is better not to dwell on this negative, and instead think again of their positive qualities. In this way, you will experience more positive times with your friends, and they are less likely to show you negative emotions.


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