Using The Law of Attraction To Overcome These Barriers

by Aish

I’m a student going from India to Australia to study. I have absolute faith that I will go but certain barriers seem to come in the way. First there is the finance and then visa troubles, now my parents are saying it’s not safe for Indians there.

But I really want to go. I have worked so hard and I’m not willing to give up. Please help me!!!!!

Give me some advice please

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

If you sat and thought for a moment you could probably come up with far more reasons why you shouldn’t go, than reasons why you should go.

But are these reasons not to go valid, or are they just obstacles.

There is only one valid reason to do anything in your life, and that is, you desire it.

OK, so you know what you want, you know the end result, but you also know that there will be many obstacles to overcome before you reach your desired goal.

You have the obstacle of the finance and then the obstacle of the visa, and now the obstacle of your parent’s approval.

So how do you overcome these obstacles?

It is clear that, at the moment that you do not have the knowledge to overcome these obstacles, you do not know from where the finance will come, if your visa shall be approved, or whether your parents will come on board. And the harder you try and overcome these issues, the least likely it feels that your goal will ever be reached.

So Give Up……

That’s right, give up….. Give up trying to find all the right answers, give up looking for every solution, if you knew how to do this, you’d have all the answers by now.

When you are trying to achieve a goal, there is often a process that follows. For instance, in your case, you know the desired end result, and you know that a lot of things will need to fall into place before your goal is reached, but you are making the same mistakes that many people make. You are thinking about the obstacles, not the goal, and as the Law of Attraction will give you what you focus on, you will continue to attract more and more reasons to make it difficult for you to go.

You are also getting emotionally
involved in not going…

When you say, “I really want to go. I have worked so hard and I’m not willing to give up.” Your emotions are in the ‘not having of this’, not in the ‘having of this’. And as emotion speeds up the Law of Attraction, you are only going to attract a stronger feeling of ‘want’, or ‘not having’.

To reach your goal you need to visualize it as if it had already happened. Spend 15 to 20 minutes each day imagining already studying in Australia, and really feel the excitement and the joy of this, as if it had already happened.

If the journey between where you are now and where you will be in your visualization requires certain conditions to be met, incorporate these conditions into your visualization, as if they had already been met.

If you require certain grades, see yourself working towards and achieving your grades, and feel the emotion and the thrill of getting them.

If you require finance, see yourself finding the finance, and feel the emotion and the thrill of getting it.

If you require a visa, see yourself successfully applying for and receiving your visa, and feel the emotion and the thrill of having it.

If you require the support of your family, see your family supporting you, and feel the emotion and the gratitude that that support offers you.

We call this process Idealization, and there is a great book you can download for free at my Law of Attraction Library called ‘How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality’.

In this book Brown Landone explains how businesses were turned around, relationships attracted, careers advanced and finances increases through the process of Idealization.

Don’t be tempted to look for all the solutions, as that leads to impatience, frustration and anxiety, which are all emotions of ‘not having’, not emotions of ‘having a thing’.

Leave the how’s, the when’s and the where’s to a force that knows, and with intuition, how will find you, when will find you and where will find you. Let go and trust.

If you need any help emotionalising your goals, or removing negative feelings, sign up for my Free Unlock The Power Mini-Course


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