Using The Law of Attraction When He Is Living With Another Woman

How can I visualize being with a man who is currently in a relationship with another woman?

He calls me daily but yet returns to her.

The law of attraction teaches us that we are all one and we must be happy for others. Shouldn't I then not try to manifest him, but instead be happy for them both?

By visualizing being with him I feel that I am causing her harm by taking something away from her.

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Dec 31, 2016
Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply
by: John Peace

I would advise you not to visualize being with a specific person, as being with someone specific would imply that you can control others by using the Law of Attraction, which would break the very Law that you are trying to use.

The Law of Attraction is the mechanism by which we are aligned to circumstances and opportunities as a result of our most focused thoughts and emotions.

For example if we tend to be happy and think in abundance, then we align to circumstances and opportunities that offer us more happiness and more abundance. Similarly, if we are generally satisfied but felt a bit lonely, then we align to circumstances and opportunities that are generally satisfying but with more time spent alone.

Simply put, what you think about most, and what you feel about most, will be aligned to you through the Law of Attraction.

So does it follow that if you think and feel about this guy, then surely you should align to circumstances and opportunities that include him in your future experience? This is not really the case because the Law of Attraction works for all people at all times, and where you might align to a certain reality through visualizations, if this reality involved another, the resulting reality would also have to match their focused thoughts and emotions too.

You will align to a reality that matches your focused thoughts and feelings, as will he, so unless he focused on the same thoughts and had the same feelings, there is no way to predict his future reality.

To complicate this more, as you visualize being with him and as you feel the pleasure of him contacting you daily, you also feel the pain of him returning to her, and as you are including the pain of him being with her as a part of your thoughts and emotions, you activate the Law of Attraction to include a future without him, so that you can continue to feel this pain.

Yes, to a certain extent the law of Attraction teaches us that we are all one and we must be happy for others, but what is far more important is to be happy for ourselves, after all, that is within our power and if we are all one, you are doing everything you can to create happiness.

You may feel that you cannot be happy unless you are with him, but I will insist that you can. Happiness comes from within, it is your emotion and can be felt by making an effort to focus on and feel about happiness, it does not come through the actions of others, and as soon as you believe that it does, you lose the power over your own emotions, and ultimately you lose control of your experiences.

You create your own happiness by focusing on the things that make you happy, while excluding thoughts that do not match a happy you. This is not easy to do, but with practice it is definitely achievable.

I would recommend that you list the things in your now experience that you are happy and grateful for, and spend some time, a few times a day focusing and feeling the good emotions these things give you. Of course, during your day events may happen that make you feel less than happy, which is the time to refocus on your list.

This refocus will change your emotions as well as your point of attraction, as positive and negative energy cannot exist in the same place at the same time, and by replacing your less than happy emotions with happy ones, you start to attract circumstances and opportunities that will bring you more happiness.

It is by choosing happy thoughts and not entertaining unhappy thoughts that you start to take control of your emotions, which will enable you to take control of your destiny.

But will this be a future reality that includes him? Who can tell? But it will include every ingredient that matches the happy vibration you hold, and if you are surrounded by happiness, does it matter whether he is there or not?

With Gratitude

John Peace

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