Vision Board
And Visualization Tips

Vision Board, Word, Image and Scenario Visualizations are very powerful ways to use Positive Affirmations and Visualisation.

Visualisation techniques involve finding a quiet room, thinking and feeling strong positive emotions and finding that truly happy state.

Only then to visualize what you want to create and see it and feel it, as if it has already happened.

Vision, Dream or Goal Board is a very powerful way to use visualisation.

A Vision Board is quite simply, a pin board, or large card with pictures of your dreams and desires; it should be colourful, fun and above all specific.

If you want to visualise your dream home, go to the estate agents, view your dream property, take pictures and post them on your Vision Board.

If you dream of a new car, be specific, what make?, what model?, what colour?, how old?, even better still, take a test drive, take pictures and post them on your Vision Board.

Vision Board

A Vision Board can be quite basic, just made with scissors, glue, tons of magazines and online photos.

Even better, If you have got a digital camera, get snapping, go and test drive your new convertible, get someone to take photos of you in it and stick them up.

Do the same with your dream house, try on your new clothes, go sit in a new boat, bike, caravan, plane or whatever you dream of.

Make it colourful and fun.

Look at your Vision Board as often as possible with focused intent.

You will be surprised to see the things on your Vision Board show up in your life, sooner or later, providing you keep putting your intention on them and stay positive.

By looking at your Vision Board on a consistent basis, you will manifest the life you truly desire and deserve!

Another great way to use visualizations is with vision board software,

creating your own online Vision Board, that you could print, run as your screen saver or as your PC wallpaper.

Word Visualizations

Take any single target word about who you are, your ability, or what you want to accomplish. Write it on a index card.

Get yourself into a relaxed state, preferably just before you go to bed. Hold the card about 12" to 24" from your eyes. Focus your eyes on the word and concentrate your attention.

Hold this thought for up to 10 minutes working up to 20 to 30 minutes, as you practise.

Do this exercise nightly for at least two weeks.

As you continue, you are burning the image of your goal word into your mind. It will be with you in your
thoughts as you proceed in your everyday life.

Image Visualization

Create or find an image of an object, person, or thing that embodies your goal for who you are, what your abilities are, or what you want to accomplish.

Get yourself into a relaxed state and either look at the picture or imagine you reaching your goal.

Do this for 10 to 20 minutes each night for one month.

Get copies of your picture or a simulation of your goal, and tape them in places where you will see them as you go through your normal day.

Continue to keep your images in place until you have accomplished the goal, feelings of success or achieved the object success.

The important thing is to believe that it is possible to achieve. This motivation is the most important step on your journey to success.

Scenario Visualizations

Another great way to use affirmation MP3 and CD is to do a Scenario Visualizations:

Once you have a goal in mind for yourself, daydream a full colour movie in your mind of what your life would be like if you achieved the goal.

Get a tape recorder and talk out the whole movie on tape.

Be fully descriptive, colourful, positive, and uplifting.

Use your imagination to the fullest and describe how positively you will be handling the change resulting from your goal attainment.

Describe how key significant others in your life will cope successfully with your change.

Save this tape for future reference.

Write out a description of the goal attainment scenario, and keep it handy for future reference and when you are in a relaxed state, listen to the tape and read your description of the scenario every day for two weeks.

Refer back to the tape and script as time goes on until you have reached full attainment of your goal.

If you would like to read more about Law of Attraction Affirmations, visit the Positive Affirmations Page for ideas on writing and using affirmations. This page will explain the principal behind affirmation.

Here you will find some great affirmation exercise and tools.

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