Vision Presentation

by Kapil Agrawal

In the beginning of the college Semester (about 2 months ago), I made a PowerPoint presentation about the things I want to have in the coming 4/5 month semester.

I wanted to date girls, lots of them. I wanted to make a movie, a dance performance on stage and a drama performance.

I just see the presentation daily.

I couldn’t believe... I have made lots female friends, in these last 2 months, and I am currently going to a dance workshop, which would arrange a big dance performance. I am also about to finish the movie...Don't know about the drama performance...I will have it soon I guess...

So it works pretty well..

Just ask... Don’t expect how it will come... Leave it up to the divine...

He can send you things you want in any form, which probably you can never imagine....

Lots Of Love

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