Visualising Being With Him… And He Married Someone Else

by Pearl

I knew this man for 10 years and all these years I was visualising my life with him... then out of the blue he got married leaving me in the middle of nowhere... my life with his absence ....

I had never dreamt of or thought of this happening.

The Law of Attraction succeeded much more before I had read The Secret.

I have been visualising him with me and kept on doing that and I got him exactly how I had thought of, but instead, he’s marrying someone never...

Please don’t give me any excuses and help me get away from the vacuum in my life.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction aligns to our reality a match to our focused thoughts.

That is, what we think about most is reflected in our experience.

You say that the Law of Attraction succeeded much more before you had read The Secret, and that you have been visualizing being with him, which has not worked.

This is one of the flaws of The Secret, as it gives the impression that through visualization you can attract any experience.

Although in some ways this is true, it is a very misleading and simplistic way of looking at things.

This is because the Law of Attraction is a Law that affects everybody, and as such, it must be aligning a cooperative reality to us all.

By a cooperative reality, I mean a reality that matches your thoughts as well as the thoughts of others in your experience. Each of our realities matches each of our thoughts in a way that cooperates with each other.

This is why you cannot manifest an experience for another, by focusing on your thought.

You have been focusing on a relationship with this person, but that reality cannot manifest, unless the reality of the relationship
matches his thought, as well as your own.

So why does The Secret tell you to visualize your desires?

The purpose of visualization is not to see the reality you desire, it is to feel the reality you desire. When you visualize, you add the feeling of, “what it would be like to have this reality now”, and carry that feeling with you.

The Law of Attraction author Charles Haanel called this, “living the spirit of a thing”, and when you carry the spirit of the things you desire, those things become your experience.

So if your desire is to have a romantic relationship, live the spirit of having that romantic relationship today.

It is by acting as a match to having your desires now, that having your desires can become a reality.

But there is something to be wary of here.

By setting your heart on one specific person, this makes things difficult for you.

As you have made this person the sole object of your desires, then you run the risk of carrying focused thoughts of being without him, of missing him, of not being with him, or lacking him, and as your reality will always reflect your thoughts, you are setting yourself to experience a reality of being without, missing and lacking him.

Do not want an experience, as wanting leads you to more wanting.

Do not need an experience, as needing leads you to more needing.

Simply act as a match to having it now.

Live the spirit of having that relationship today, and it shall become a reality for you tomorrow.


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