Watching Addiction in a Loved One

by Ron

Hello John, I wrote you approximately 3 years ago concerning my daughter. We discussed the 5 years she had been in recovery. She was struggling. Turns out, the struggle I saw was her return to alcohol and drugs. Gradually, she went from casual drinking back to meth-her drug of choice.

She now lives on the streets using meth every day, doing things for money that I don’t wish to describe here. Her 12 year old child has been removed from her care and since this is the 3rd time she has been removed in her short life, it’s doubtful she will ever be returned.

My daughter said that since I won’t give her money, she wants nothing to do with me and has made no attempt to regain her daughter. It’s as though she has chosen the drug over a relationship with me and her own child.

I know I cannot choose for another. I cannot choose her vibration. This all seems so tragic. A beautiful young woman missing out on her life to chase drugs. A innocent child removed to foster care after seeing the drug ravage her mother. Very grim stuff. I have no more words. I value your wisdom so much. I turn to your connection again. How can I help?

Just let her fall as far as she needs I suppose in hope the fall does not kill her. The State does allow me contact with my grandchild which I'm grateful for. I wish to repay the kindness you show to each person you help. Thank you.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

This does indeed sound tragic, it is such a shame that people become ravaged by a drug, whilst in pursuit of happiness, or perhaps as an escape from what they see as unhappiness. They don’t seem to understand that happiness is within, and as much as they allow circumstance, situations and experiences in the out to control their in, they lose the power to become what they most wish to be.

Your daughter has the power within her to become the perfect doting mum, the happiest daughter and the most beautiful of people, but only when she chooses to use it.

Of course, you feel that it is your responsibility to get her back on track, but you have no ability to respond to what she chooses to vibrate and attract. But you can be the example for her.

At the moment you are the obstacle to her achieving her next hit as you withhold the finances she needs to obtain this, which of course you must, and in a way you have to let her reach the point of desiring a change in her lifestyle. And unfortunately that means letting her fall.

All you can do is help yourself while preparing to help her as soon as she does turn home.

Meditate daily Ron, it will really help you to deal with the aftermath of her decisions. I would also recommend that you join a drug rehabilitation center or support group as a volunteer, you will get to understand on a wider level what this lifestyle does to people and their families, particularly when drug addicts begin to change their habits. This will give you the experience you need to help your daughter when she decides to stop taking drugs, and you will be able her to point her in the direction of her recovery.

Be the light for her Ron. Yes she now chooses darkness, and for her that darkness needs to exists so that in time she can see the contrast of light that your existence shines.

One day she will see it.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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