What Appeared To Be Obstacles Were Really Stepping Stones

by Hazel
(East Sussex)

A few years ago, needing to relocate for a career move, I put my house on the market in May and started looking for a property to buy.

I was immediately drawn to a house I could afford with views of the South Downs. But I had to forget about it as I didn't manage to sell my house until October and was living in a rented flat near my new work place and visiting my old house at the weekends.

The day the sale went through I found that the house I had been drawn to in May was back on the market and the price had reduced. I made a viewing appointment for Saturday afternoon but was told that if the viewers on Saturday morning made an acceptable offer, my appointment would be cancelled.

This is what in fact happened.

The following Saturday was the one weekend in the year I was obliged to work, so I didn't get the property listings until late afternoon and was unable to read them anyway as I found that on returning to the flat, there was a gas leak which involved contacting the landlady and waiting outside for the engineer to arrive.

Problem sorted, I looked at the house sales to find that the South Downs house ad. had reappeared with a further price reduction.

By now the estate agent office had closed and didn't reopen until Monday. On Sunday I checked the property on-line to find that the price had reduced for a third time. This was three reductions of £10,000 each. On Monday morning I made a viewing appointment for that evening when I made an offer that was accepted. I have lived here for 10 years now.

It is a magical place.

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