What Do You Want?

This is one example of how the Law of attraction has worked for me even before I knew I was using it. It was either the biggest coincidence I have ever seen or it was in fact manifestation.

I was living in Denver and had a junk man friend who had introduced me to "the hospital junk lady". She had three 10,000sq ft warehouses full of junk from area hospitals including beds, furniture, strange medical machines and office stuff.

Really just anything a hospital might no longer need, she drags off to her warehouses to sell.

So I went over to visit her one day and spent about an hour browsing through the first warehouse, looking for cool stuff for my loft.

She didn't really like it when people browsed for too long and I wasn't really finding what I wanted. She was a little frustrated and asked me what it was that I wanted.

So I thought about it for a few seconds and blurted out that I wanted a movie theatre screen.

She went back into her office and came back with a key to warehouse #3. She told me she has been moving out of that warehouse but she thinks there is one in there.

I went to warehouse #3 and opened the door and the place was huge like an airplane hanger and completely empty except for two 40 ft movie screens rolled up in the corner.

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