What Is The Solution For Harmony

by Rajiv

If someone is visualizing a better relationship with his/her spouse but if the spouse has very negative thinking, feelings and hence energies, then for which person will the Law of Attraction work, as their feelings are contradictory?

What is the solution for harmony?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Although we have many different ways of describing our thoughts and feelings, they basically fit in to two kinds of vibration, a vibration of fear or a vibration of love.

If we have a vibration of fear, then the Law of Attraction will bring us a reality in which, we experience a continued vibration of fear.

If we have a vibration of love, then the Law of Attraction will bring us a reality in which, we experience a continued vibration of love.

So which is the stronger vibration and which one would win if two people with opposing vibrations occupy the same space?

Neither has the stronger vibration, or the ability to attract more, although someone consciously holding a vibration of love, will find it much easier to stay in that vibration, especially if they were aware of the importance of it.

So what would happen if two people with opposing vibrations came together?

They would either have to adjust their vibrations, or they would simply leave the experience.

In other words, if you had a vibration of love, and you came into the same vicinity of someone with a vibration of fear, then either….

There would be no interaction.

One would leave the vicinity.

Or one person would change their vibration.

So what is the solution for harmony?

The solution for harmonious conditions will always be harmonious thought, and if you are experiencing anything less than harmonious conditions, the solution is to adjust your thought.

The very act of noticing that your spouse has, “negative thinking, feelings and hence energies,” is offering this vibration attention, which in turn, is adding it to your vibration, and as a result, manifesting this experience into your reality.

If you want harmony, only offer the thought that is harmonious to your desires.

Vibrate love and entertain no fear, align yourself to the very best experience and feelings that your spouse, and indeed anyone has ever given you.

When you notice negative thought, realign right back to the positive, when you notice negative behaviour, realign right back to the positive. When absolutely any experience comes into your reality that does not match your vibration of love, realign right back to love.

See the best of what is offered to you, and in time, only the best you’ll see.

The Law of Attraction will work for both of you, but if you wish harmony, vibrate harmony, and only then can your spouse become that source of harmony to you. And if they can’t, then the Law of Attraction shall keep you in different places until they can manifest to you, exactly what you vibrate.

I hope this helps in some way…

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