What Is There To Be Grateful For?

by Joyce
(London, UK)

I know what is 'lacking' in my life hence discovering the LOA but what is there to be grateful for?

It's very easy for me to talk about what I want and my desires but it takes longer to think about what I am grateful for. This is not the way it should be.

I am so grateful that I can hear the birds chirping outside my bedroom window at 5am whilst trying to sleep as some people can no longer hear. I am so grateful that I have to stand on a packed commuter train all the way to work as some people no longer have use of their legs. I so grateful that have a few extra love handles as some people in the world are literally starving to death.

There is always something to be grateful for and I just want to encourage anyone who struggles with positive thinking. Not everyone can be grateful for the things that most people take for granted (such as good health, many friends and a loving partner) as a lot of us are lacking these things. However I just want to encourage you that even as you look in the mirror each day and find another grey hair or a dreaded wrinkle just be grateful that you are able to age. So many people never even reached their teens.

Have a blessed day

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