What To Think Now?

by Mary

I asked a question a few weeks ago, under the title “How to tell him?”. I had met the person whom I asked about, however things got stuck. I am writing because I took an action as you recommended. I sent him a hand written letter telling all the things I like about him, and added that I want to spend more time with him.

It has now been more than 2 weeks and I’ve had no reply...

He may not have gotten the letter as he goes out of town frequently. But I did not want to contact him again. Meanwhile, I am working on the 30-Day WorkBook , so here is my dilemma:

I still have some hopes about him. I know when I was in a good mindset, I met him and we had a connection so I think he is on the positive vibration too. Should I avoid thinking about him though, because you said it is not good to focus on a specific person in others posts. However, for me you also said that I should have focused on him after I met him?

It feels good when I think about him. I remind myself that the universe might send me someone else, so I again clarified once more what I want in a relationship.

If possible, I want to increase my chances with him, but I am aware that I may end up with someone else...

Please help, what and how should I think now?


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction aligns to our experiences a match to our most focused thoughts and feelings, that is, circumstances, events and people become a part of our reality in order for us to continue thinking and feeling the same way.

We could say that the Law of Attraction is more like a Law of Harmony, as the things we experience are in harmony with the way we think.

But not only are our realities a harmonic match to the way we think, so are they also, a harmonic match to everybody in which we share this reality.

Each individual life experience, depending on each individual focused thoughts and feelings, all together in a cooperative and matching reality.

Understanding that the Law of Attraction brings to each individual, a harmonic reality that matches that individuals thoughts and feelings, there is absolutely no way that you can change what you think, in order to change what someone else experiences, that would defy Law.

Therefore, focusing on a specific person, in order to bring them a specific experience is an impossible task.

However, in order for you to manifest a romantic experience, it would be impossible for you to do so, without the involvement of a specific person, so in this way, the Law of Attraction does appear to contradict itself.

This is why it is a good idea to think of this Law as a Law of Harmony, where each matching event and circumstance is in harmony with each person involved, as all thought is matched to all realities, as a cooperative soup of experiences.

So if you have been focusing your thoughts and
feelings, and predominantly matching the reality of love and romance, then surely it must be appropriate to focus more and more upon the specific people who have entered your reality.

True, and this is the need to take action that I talked about in your previous question. However, please appreciate, I cannot know how and what you have been thinking, so whether and what action is appropriate, can only be a personal decision.

Assuming that this is the way you have been thinking, and that you have been matching your thoughts and feelings to the manifestation of a desired relationship, does it not then become appropriate to focus your thoughts and feelings to the manifestation of this reality, to one specific person?

Well, to be honest, it rather depends upon what you are thinking…

You see, one of the dangers people face when they focus upon a specific relationship, with a specific person, is that, as they tend to align their thoughts to ‘want’ as they feel the ‘lack’ of this relationship, they manifest a reality in which they think more ‘want’ and feel more ‘lack’.

They rarely manifest what it is they want, as the relationship they feel the need for, is so missing in their predominant thoughts and feelings. And, as we have already seen, the Law of Attraction will always align us to a reality that matches our thoughts and feelings, which in this case, can only include the lack of a relationship in order for this person to want, need and continue lacking.

This is why the 30-Day WorkBook you have been following, gets you to focus on being happy now, as manifesting an experience from the position of want, need or lack is an impossible jump to make.

So, what to think…?

Think happy for Now, think joy for Now. Focus your thoughts to the best of what is Now, as Now is where the best of what is can be found.

Be grateful for what you have and what will come, as what you have is full of Great, as is what is to come.

Get happy, be happy and do happy, and what is to come will be happier still.

Choose love, live love and love shall be your experience.

Be the best thought and the best feeling you can be, and the very best of what can be, shall be.

Should you contact him?

Yes, but not for a specific outcome, or a specific result. Do it to let yourself grow, whether it be with him or without him.

Do it to draw a line, a final line to stop yourself from thinking and feeling this way, a line to end, or a line to begin, but either way, a line of change.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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Jun 01, 2011
is there a way?
by: Anonymous

Hello. Thank you and I need a follow-up question. You said in your reply, "It depends on what you think," Is there a way to think about a specific person so that if he is the right person, he will come and if not, the right person will come. This or someone better. I am not insisting on him, but it is much easier for me to imagine when I can visualize it. I can do that say when I am about to go into a meeting. I picture the people who would be there and how i would like to feel,etc. I am okay with the person the universe will bring to me, but it is easier to imagine the happiness I feel when I think about a particular way he made me feel or picturing him next to me. Does that make sense?

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