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My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year. We met when his job relocated him to Mexico (where I am from). We always knew that when the project he was working on was over, he was going to have no option but to leave, but we decided to live our relationship to the fullest anyway.

Sure enough at the beginning of February he was told he had to leave by the end of the month.

Totally heartbroken we said our good byes and off he went, just to realize a couple of weeks later, that we just loved each other too much to be apart.

Ever since, we've been together as a couple, but separated by a long long distance.

My boyfriend has a job which moves him around the world, sometimes for very short periods of time, today he is here and in two weeks he could be on the other side of the planet, this makes it really difficult for us to think about me following him everywhere (which honestly I wouldn't mind at all if I had the necessary economic resources to travel like that). However, for these past two months he's been desperately trying to be assigned to a project anywhere in the world, where he could stay for at least 6 months to a year, so I could go with him.

Unfortunately he hasn't been able to find such a project. You also have to know that the reason why he makes such good money is because his company can basically do whatever it wants with him, without asking him for his opinion about where or when he wants to go.

About a month ago his boss told him he might actually need him to come back to Mexico, which we both would love, however nothing is written in stone yet.

As a Law of Attraction practitioner, I've been working on it, specially since his boss brought up the so-longed-for option of sending him back to Mexico. However, I feel I really need advice on how to structure this wish.

For example, I don't know how to create a good vision because I have no idea which country we are going to or if he is coming here or I'm going there, or if I should picture myself going on a plane or him getting off one. I also have no idea which kind of affirmations to use for I don't know if he's coming or I'm going or even where we are going, because we really don't care how it happens, we just want to be together.

For the past few weeks I've been using the affirmation, “My boyfriend comes back to Mexico at the end of June,” which is around the date he has scheduled to come back. I created a vision board with a bunch of the pictures I have from when we where together. I found heart-shaped post-its and wrote this affirmation on them and stuck them on my vision board. I also have been envisioning him arriving at my city's airport and me picking him up.

But I don't know if any of this is the best way to do it.

So basically my question is, how could I structure and envision my wish so that the Universe would bring us together in whichever way it decides is better? And, what kind of tools such as affirmations, visions and vision boards, would you suggest me to use?

You must also know that although my boyfriend really wishes for this to happen as much as me, he is a bit negative about the whole coming back to Mexico thing, for he doesn't want to "create false hopes for himself". Besides, he doesn't believe on the Law of Attraction a bit, so basically it's just me and the Universe hahahahaha and I'm a bit worried his negativity could be the reason why things are taking this long.

I would like to know your opinion.

Thank you very much!!!!!!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Although Visualizations, Vision Boards and Affirmations, are fantastic tools to apply the Law of Attraction, I do believe that far to much emphasis is put on using these techniques, as the ‘only’ way to manifest your desires.

To understand this, it would be helpful if you thought about the Law of Attraction as a Law of Harmony, or a Law of Vibration, as this is a far more precise way in which the Law of Attraction works.

We all have a vibration, and our vibration has a specific frequency for all the many experiences we are currently having.

This vibration is made up of our predominant and focused thoughts and feelings, and depending on the way we think and feel towards a particular aspect of our experience, a vibrational match to these thoughts and emotions is brought to our future reality.

For example, if I thought a lot about being alone, and felt the emotions of loneliness, my vibration would cause the Law of Attraction to align events, circumstances and people to my future experience, in order for me to think and feel more lonely.

It may be the case that I do not want to be alone, and as many Law of Attraction teachers tell us, it would not be to unusual to suggest that by using visualizations, vision boards and affirmations, that I could change my experience of loneliness, to an experience of romance and companionship.

But, how effective would these methods be if, as soon as I had completed each of these exercises, I went back to thinking and feeling alone?

If the Law of Attraction aligns to our experience a match to our predominant and focused thoughts and feelings, then surely, my more focused thoughts and feelings would be the thoughts and emotions I had more often, not the thoughts and feelings I had when I was visualizing and affirming, and as such, if I thought and felt about being alone, most of the time, that would have to be my experience.

In your case, it is clear that you want to be with your boyfriend, and in reading your question, he wants to be with you. So for as long as your vibrations are both a match to that reality, the Law of Attraction will have to align the opportunities and circumstances for that experience to manifest.

This is the whole purpose of using visualization, vision boards and affirmations, because you use these techniques to think, feel and act as if your desired reality already existed, regardless of your current reality.

Visualize and Feel this relationship, as if it was happening now!

Use your Vision Boards to focus on this relationship, as if it was happening now!

Affirm this relationship, as if it was happening now!

Vibrate this relationship as if it was a reality today, and make this vibration your predominant and focused thoughts and feelings, and it cannot fail to manifest.

Do not be concerned with the thoughts of how, when and where, as these are details that can only be a concern if this reality did not exist, these would be fears and worries about the manifestation of your desires, and if you vibrate fear and worry, you can only manifest more circumstances and events to match these concerns.

As you said in your question, “we really don’t care how it happens, we just want to be together.” And for as long as you are not concerned about ‘where’ this will happen, your visualizations could never override your vibration, as ‘where’ is not a condition of this relationship.

Whether you visualize Mexico, or indeed any other part of the world, the most important thing is to predominantly think and feel ‘together’, and if it helps you to feel the togetherness of your love for each other in Mexico, continue to see yourselves there.

Match the vibration of being with each other, and the hows and the wheres shall be found.

However, if you are having trouble letting go of these details, and focusing your vibration to what you desire, I would definitely suggest that you download The Unlock The Power WorkBook. It will help you raise your vibration to match your desires, not the lack of them.

Also, do not worry about your boyfriend’s belief in the Law of Attraction, as you do not have to believe it to experience it. Depending on what someone predominantly thinks and feels, regardless of their belief or knowledge of the Law of Attraction, a perfect match to their thoughts and feelings shall always manifest, that is Law.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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