Why Cant I Use The Law of Attraction To Be With Him

I really like this guy, I met him online and talked once on the phone long ago, he lives in another country and I live in the USA. I deleted him off my social network because I only get hurt to see the zillion of gorgeous girls drooling over him. He is beyond handsome.

I tried deleting him off everything (email, erase his #, social network, pictures, etc.), but I couldn't delete a last set of pictures of him. Lately, I think too much about him, trying to apply the Law of Attraction, and I can't help but think about him all day long, WHY??? I don't know, it is killing me!

I see his eye-glare on the photos and feel that something keeps me clinging to this feeling and I don't know why. This is stupid in every way possible.

He is probably enjoying himself and I am here daydreaming of us meeting one day soon. I don't even know anything about him. He is a handsome man and I love the fact that he doesn’t like drinking or clubbing. I love outdoors & nature, no clubs/drinking, and from what I see on his pictures he loves outdoors too.

I wish I could get him off my mind but I can't. I was hoping the Law of Attraction would work in us meeting soon, I would think of it everyday and feel it as real, but I came across this site and my dreams of us meeting, etc. shattered since you say that we can not possibly attract a specific person to our lives with the Law of Attraction.

Now I feel sad, it was my only hope.... I just don't know why I feel this way about him and he doesn’t even know it, he probably hasn't even realized I deleted him off my friend’s social network.

He wouldn't care, I often would send him messages about anything to get his attention, stupid stuff and he would often ignore them. Please help...

Oh, one more thing - I am in a long relationship and I’m engaged, but I can't help to only think about this man; thus neglecting attention to my fiancée.

Please help...

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The reason that I say that you cannot use the Law of Attraction to attract a specific person is that, the Law of Attraction responds to our own vibration, a vibration which is made up of our focused thoughts and feelings, and the experiences we have, depend upon this vibration.

This works for all people, at all times. We all have a vibration, and as such, are aligned to experiences depending only upon our vibration.

Yes, of course our experiences are made up of events, opportunities and people, but all these things have to be a cooperative match to our, and to their vibrations.

So if a specific person has a specific vibration, and is aligned to a specific reality, there is nothing you can do to change this.

However, if your specific vibration is aligned to a specific reality that is a cooperative match to theirs, then you can align to their reality. The trouble is, how would you ever know this?

I guess that the only way that you would know this is by becoming as vibrational match to your desired experience, and seeing what happens, instead of choosing the source of your desired experience, and vibrating the lack of what you want.

People often do this, they see someone and focus on that someone becoming the source of the experience they want, and then spend most of their time noticing, talking about and feeling the lack of the experience they have been wanting.

So what is an experience?

An experience is not a person or a thing, it is not an opportunity or a circumstance, an experience is the act of living something.

So what do you most want to live?

If you desire to live a romantic and loving relationship, and share in the beauty of love. Then choose to do this, don’t choose where this comes from.

Learn to focus your thoughts and feelings on the experience you want, as if it was happening now, and the sooner you do, the sooner the events, opportunities and people, that a cooperative match to this, shall be aligned to your reality.

Another problem that focusing on a specific person causes is this.

You may desire to live a romantic and loving relationship, and share in the beauty of love, and to the best of your knowledge, this specific person is the perfect match for yours, and his vibrations.

But as you focus your thoughts and feelings on being with him, as he is not with you, you feel the lack of this relationship.

Now as the Law of Attraction aligns our reality depending on our focused thoughts and feelings, the more you add the feeling of the lack of this relationship to your vibration, the more you align to the ‘lack of’ experience.

Wouldn’t it be better to align to the vibration of the experience you desire, and then, just let go of the how’s, the whys and the where’s, and leave it to Law to find your perfect match?

After all, if you were right in assuming that, ‘he was the one’, wouldn’t Law find him?

And if you were wrong, wouldn’t you just be making life easier for yourself?

Another concern I have, is that you are not really giving your now relationship a good opportunity to grow. It sounds to mean that you believe that the Grass is Greener on the other side.

The trouble with this idea is this…

If you accept the Law of Attraction, and accept that you create your own reality through your focused thoughts and feelings, how can anything ever be different when the one fundamental part of your experience, you take with you.

In other words, you created this experience, and if you run away to find another, you have to take the very thing that created the experience in first place, YOU.

This is why gratitude is such as important part of applying the Law of Attraction, as when you learn to embrace your own creation, and focus on the most wanted part of your now experience, the most wanted parts of today become a bigger part of your tomorrow.

Indeed, aligning to the best of your now relationship is the approach I would take to overcome your ‘out of control’ thought for this other man, and to give yourself the best opportunity to align to the best of what you have now.

Focus on the best of what you have, and forget the rest, and when any thought of any kind enters your mind to contradict this bestness, think again on the best of what you have.

Align yourself to experience desired, and desired experiences shall become your reality.

If the relationship you are in now, fails to grow through your focus on what is good, then you will know that is only because your partner cannot be a cooperative part of the good experience you desire, but as he has been a cooperative part of most of this good experience up to now, it would be unlikely.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…



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