Why Didn't Manifestation Happen

by Susan Tanswell
(United Kingdom)

I am a married woman 60 years old. I have grown up with the Law of Attraction via my parents. I have manifested things before and when something is really important to me I have always achieved it.

About 4 years ago we became very unhappy in our last house, which we owned, and the general neighborhood. Every day I used to visualize the type of house and place I would like to move to. We then found a dream house we really liked to rent. My husband had tears in his eyes when he saw the garden. There are trees and wildlife here we could only dream about. This house had everything I visualized.

The owners of the property (two sisters and a son) told us that they had no plans to sell the property for many years. We rented out our old house and moved into this one and we have been very happy here. Since moving in, 4 years ago, I have visualized, affirmed and meditated owning this house every day even though we could not afford to buy it. I have received really joyful, positive feelings about staying here. My husband got a very well paid in China and I felt maybe that was how we would be able to buy the house. However, although I have been in a bubble of joyful bliss for 4 years, outside has been negative.

Since living here the oil industry collapsed and my husband was unemployed for 18 months. We had to sell our old home in order to live. After 2 years the son told us one of his sisters wanted to sell, then they changed their minds. Then they got the property valued with 5 different estate agents, but decided not to sell. In February this year, they told us they had quarreled with the other sister and she wanted her share of the property, so it was put on the market to sell. They said we could stay in the property until they had a buyer, but came round so often to do work on the outside we felt very uncomfortable and invaded.

I got very upset when they insisted I had to dig out my plants from a flower bed because they wanted to put down chipped cork instead. However, I kept positive because only three people viewed the property (including the sister’s son). It is a lovely spacious property with loads of wildlife and large gardens, but inside it does need updating. Something I was looking forward to doing.

However, a few weeks ago their very pushy estate agent brought a man round to view the property. This man turned his nose up as he walked in but the agent kept saying how the property could be remodeled. It became amusing because it would have been simpler to demolish the property the amount of work he was suggesting. They were in the house barely five minutes and didn’t even look all round it. Unfortunately, this man made a couple of offers and is now buying it. He has never returned to view it again so we presume that he is just buying the plot.

The negatives are still showing up as since they have accepted his offer so many things have broken down it is becoming laughable. The boiler is broken and beyond repair, the shower leaks, the doorbell stopped working and the light bulbs keep breaking!

I have accepted that I am not meant to live here, but I cannot understand how I have got to this situation. Whenever I have wanted something and felt so good about it I have always manifested something. I have re-read books and have done and felt everything I should have but this has thrown me completely. I would be grateful for any insights or answers you could give me. I have tried to upload some photos but wasn't successful.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

It is very difficult to pin down why one situation is aligned to you, without pinning down the thought and emotion you have towards certain circumstances that you are experiencing now. For instance, when you focus upon a ‘new’ experience and spend time visualizing this event, you can easily put the manifestation of the experience down to the efforts you made to attract it, but as you have many thoughts and emotions outside of this visualization it is clear that you attract many experience, seemingly without any effort.

To try to explain what I mean I will break down your question to show you how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions may have worked against the experience you were visualizing.

When you say, “we became very unhappy in our last house, which we owned, and the general neighborhood. Every day I used to visualize the type of house and place I would like to move to. We then found a dream house we really liked to rent.” You were having an emotion of unhappiness and as a remedy to the situation you visualized a new ideal home. Of course, as a response to your strong visualization you manifest a new home, but as your emotion of unhappiness was aligning more unhappy experience it is not surprising that your dream home came with a dose of unhappy issues.

You also explain that, “since moving in, 4 years ago, I have visualized, affirmed and meditated owning this house every day even though we could not afford to buy it.” Which is an attempt to align an experience through effort, whilst carrying a belief that the experience cannot happen, that is. Trying to manifest owning the property while believing that you cannot afford it. It is hardly surprising that the property has come onto the market as you had visualized and that you have been unable to buy it, as you believed.

It seems that you are successfully attracting new events to your life as a remedy for poor and unwanted experiences, but as we attract all experiences to our reality, including unwanted ones, it should be expected that as we swop one reality for another, unless we attend to the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that caused our unwanted and unhappy experiences, similar circumstances and events will manifest to match the way we were thinking, believing and feeling.

In other words you can continue to attract more experiences as a way of chasing unwanted things away, but as you are the cause for all of your experiences, unless you change what you were thinking and feeling that attracted those unwanted things, undoubtedly you will continue to recreate more experiences that are unwanted.

You seem to be highly effective as a conscious creator and your visualizations seem to be very effective at manifesting the things you desire, which is a part of the Law of Attraction that many people find difficult. So with just a little shift in the way you think about those thinks that don’t match your desires will surely help you to create your perfect reality.

To do this you need to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

The definition of gratefulness is, “warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received,” and the benefits that you should appreciate should be the things that you have in your now reality that you are happy with.

What I would suggest is that you look at your reality and list the things that you have that you make you feel happy, and then, instead of visualization what you would like, visualize what you have that causes you pleasure. And as you go through your day, as more things happen that you like, add them to your list and your visualization.

Do this often, ideally first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed. This will help you get used to thinking about your reality from a point of gratitude.

Then, as events happen in your experience that displeases you, instead of contemplating these things, switch your attention to your gratitude list, thereby switching your thought, beliefs and emotions to wanted experiences instead of unwanted.

May I congratulate the way you have created some experience through consciously visualizing and emotionalizing the desires you have, you are a powerful creator. But just as you have tremendous power in what you try to create, so do you in what you do not try to create, and by thinking and feeling in reaction to what is, you create more of what has been.

You were unhappy in a house and powerfully you created a new place to be, but unfortunately you took the thoughts and feelings about what was in and around one house that was displeasing with you, recreating a less than ideal new home. A new home that was no way for sale, yet became available, and due to your beliefs about what you can and can’t afford you let this opportunity slip.

But by adopting a new attitude that does not entertain unhappiness or limitations you can create a more beautiful and happier place to be, you have the power to create this.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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Misunderstood NEW
by: Sue

Hi John, I am sorry but I cannot resonate with your reply. We were dissatisfied with our last home but not to the extent we brought bad emotions into this home. If we had been very happy there we wouldn't have the motivation to move. Even if that were the case I cannot agree that I was responsible for the oil industry collapsing! This house has always been available to us to buy. It was marketed when the owners quarrelled. I have felt strongly for many years that I would/could buy it. When I have manifested things before I have always got something even if it was a part of it. From speaking to people and reading I feel it is more attachment, not letting go and toward the end fear. Or even something better to come!

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