Why Does LOA Work For Some And Not For Others?

by Brenda

I've been studying and practicing LOA for over 20 years and never manifested anything significant. Like right now, I am practicing LOA for hours a day, but receiving no results, absolutely nothing.

Upfront, my intention is to be rich. I am participating in Bob Doyle's 45 Day Challenge.

Upfront, I wish to win the lottery or a sweepstakes.

I am having more failure with this round of LOA than ever before, and I am much more skilled and knowledgeable this time.

I am using EFT, LOA Brainwave Entrainment, meditation, I-Ching, Tarot, creative visualization and interacting with other LOA users, but reaping nothing, absolutely nothing.

It’s been months without results.

This letter is my first negativity binge in weeks.

Somebody please teach me how to manifest big amounts of money.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

May I first congratulate you on your persistence, and your conviction.

If you have studied and practised the Law of Attraction for 20 years now, then you must be convinced that the Law of Attraction works.

And if you are convinced that the Law of Attraction works, and you have had no success in applying it, it must surely follow that you are doing something wrong.

And, in my experience, the only reason that someone will fail to apply the Law of Attraction, especially while using all the right techniques, is that they have some limiting beliefs about themselves.

So how do you uncover your limiting beliefs?

Step 1

Write a list of all the things that you are unhappy with in your life.

This list should include all the things about you life that you are unsatisfied about, all the things you complain about and all the things you would like to change.

Step 2

Turn this list of negatives, into a list of positive intentions.

To do this, rewrite your list of negatives, turning each negative around 180 degrees, making it a goal or intension.

Start each goal or intension with the following phrase...

I intend to attract..........

I choose to attract ..........

Or I now have..........

Avoid the phrase ‘I want,’ as want is an emotion of not having a thing, and will bring you more emotions of ‘I want’.

Step 3

Once you have your list of intensions, read through each one, and make a separate list of All the reasons why you think, that these things have failed to manifest in your life.

By self-admission, this is your list of limiting beliefs, or negative self-scripts that have stopped you getting what you want.

Now use your EFT sequence on each of these limiting beliefs, whilst using your list of intensions in your visualisation as positive goals to attain.

Just one more thing about the lottery!

I do think that the lottery can do us more harm than good, and I would urge you to stop participating, or at least, stop pinning your hopes and dreams on it.

You see, although it may be possible to win the lottery using the Law of Attraction, it is also possible that you could be missing out on so many opportunities, just because you believe that the only way you can become rich, is by winning the lottery.

If it is the case that you believe that ‘your riches’ will come from a sweepstake or lottery, how damaging is it to focus on the outcome, only to notice, each week, that you have not won!

My question is really, are you focusing on winning the lottery each week, or are you noticing that you have not won the lottery each week?

It’s a fine line isn’t it?

Perhaps you would be more advised in following your joy, and happiness, and trusting the universe to do it’s work.....



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Jun 01, 2009
Thanks A Million
by: Brenda

The advice you've given will prove more helpful to me than anything I've read or done in the past 20 years. Props.

Jun 01, 2009
what I have found
by: Lynne

Hello Brenda,
You certainly have been very persistant and devoted to applying the principles of LOA and I applaud you for this. It's sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees when it comes to manifesting the things that you think you want from the universe, however one thing that may be missing from your efforts comes to mind. If you have read The Scince of Getting Rich, the author makes it very clear that the Law of Attraction has one agenda above all else; that is that whatever you are doing in your actions has a benefit to others so that if you are asking for money from the universe there must be a resulting effect from it that enriches another so they are getting at least the face value or more. In other words, ask yourself this question: What am I DOING that offers something more than what I expect back? Perhaps that is the real criteria for your lack of receiving the lottery money you wish for. I have a portait business that I started this year and at first I was discouraged because no one seemed to be interested. It wasn't long before the orders started coming in once I realized that my primary motive for succeeding had to be what I could contribute to someone's life rather than what amount of money I could make from my gift. Just recently I did a portrait for a family who had lost their son in a devastating accident. I didn't know them or their son, and actually had no real knowledge of their lives at all; I only had a story that I read on Facebook about what had happened to this wonderful 20 year old and how he had lost his life while helping others in another country. I was compelled to do this portrait and to give it to them with no charge. That is what I consider to be the core of my success in life because I have given back to the universe so that others will be enriched by the talent I was given. All of the money in the world will never give me the satisfaction and peace that I gained from performing this small act of kindness. Think of how you contribute to another persons life and well being and the rewards will begin to flood in. Not all riches come in the form of money, but wealth will follow if your heart is in the right place. All the best in your endeavours and may you have peace and love in your life.

Jun 01, 2009
by: Brenda

I intend to use a portion of my wealth to assist the poor,those struggling to make ends meet. I intend to help them financially and materially,to ease their burdens. I intend to give to food pantries and other charities. I intend to donate to websites that are enriching peoples' lives. I couldn't fully enjoy being rich if I were to be selfish and greedy. I intend to share with the poor. That's one of the desires of my heart.

Jun 25, 2009
Your Results are measured by your gifts
by: Anonymous

Wow, great thread. Thank you for posting this question. I think so many people have the same problem.
Lynne is correct. Wealth is not measured in money. I think the problem you are having is that you are hoping to get something for nothing.
I practice the philosophies from Dale Carnegie's Think and Grow Rich. It is a great book and based on the law of attraction. He makes it clear that you need to give consistant effort with a defined purpose to get anything in return.
I have found that when we started our business, it was very slow (poverty level income). We started to give to the community with free seminars and we started getting some business.
When we reached higher and gave more of our time to charity, our business grew. When we stopped doing charity because business was so good and we didn't have time to do charity... our business nearly stopped. WOW! It was a real corelation between helping others achieve their goals and us receiving our goals.
We recently launched a national campaign to help teach people how to keep their jobs (free information that is worth a LOT of money!)We have invested tens of thousands of dollars on doing this research and putting together this program to help others acheive their goals. It is already paying us back. We are getting positive feedback and building relationships with people and companies we thought would never talk to our small company.
You get what you give!
Don't expect something for nothing. That is cheating the universe.
Expect to make an honest hard effort to give to the universe and make it a better place. You will appreciate the money more and you will know, in your heart, that you deserved the money and you helped the world.
It is a marvelous feeling.
God Bless and Do something Good!

Jul 03, 2009
Awareness is key
by: Coach Dan

Hello Brenda,
I hope this helps, the other comments seem like very good advice. One thing I would mention about "getting" what we want from the Universe is this, awareness. There have been likely thousands of signs "nudging" you toward your dreams, and you were not aware of them. The sure fire cure for unawareness is Gratitude. Vibe-out, if you will, to the Universe that you are grateful for the signs. Day by day, little by little, you take notice of seemingly random occurrences. Write in a gratitude journal "thank you for the signs I"m on the right path". After some time passes, perhaps only a week, you WILL notice a sign. Then, another and so on. Now you're really seeing signs, and really sending the signals of gratitude for them. The Universe responds by sending more meaningful, and obvious signs. Until one day your fortune cookie might read, "Brenda-feed the poor man outside wearing the blue sweater". Well, almost. Much love and...good fortunes!

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