WOW! and to think i didnt believe at first....MUST READ!!!

by Tiana I
(trinidad and tobago)

I woke up and I hadn’t do my maths home-work. I was up all night researching 'the law of attraction' and reading all these stories. So, even though I hadn’t done my work I decided to think positively.

Maths was 2nd period and I was late so I couldn’t finish it before school started... then I said ... I will reach school early and do my home work on time....

I reached early-ish lol... like 5 minutes early which is really good for me :) and even though I had to go to assembly with the rest of the school and teachers and couldn’t do it. But still I was positive

Then..... I had biology and couldn’t do it EITHER because my teacher wouldn’t allow it.....

But still I was positive and said I will finish my home work on time and not get in trouble and I focused hard on what I wanted.

2nd period came and I said "wow like this thing not working!" and I sat patiently waiting for the teacher to arrive and check my book, and discover I didn’t do it...

But all the while I didn’t have one single negative thought.

Instead of thinking 'I don’t want to get in trouble' trying not to focus on the negative I thought 'everything will be ok, I’ll be fine', and to my surprise, I heard that my teacher wasn’t at school today.. She had come in but left before our class.. I quickly pulled out my book n finished my home work ... just in case :)

I tried to convince my friends after class.. but they didn’t take me on....

Note to you! It wouldn't hurt to try :)

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